Our ideas our moving power

Our Office “Kaba” is qualified by long experience in architectural design, construction and surveillance of a big range of building and esthetical projects, of different construction sizes, f.e. from the construction of houses, offices, shops, schools, museums and theatres to the design of small functional objects and construction parts. The correct complex solution of a building is the main issue both for its interior spaces as well as for the external appearance. The internal of every our building we consider as necessary, additional to the originality and the esthetic point of view,  to be functional, with useful spaces, with correct priorities regarding the functions and to respond to the needs of the users. Regarding the external appearance, we wish it elegant, adjusted to its environment and to include the open, the covered and the closed spaces in an indivisible unit, a complete form. We are attracted by the optical unification of interior and exterior spaces with unclear limits of use, with transparent, semi-transparent and continuing structures. We try to obtain the maximum advantage of the natural light, of the view of the natural beauty of the environment and of the correct use of every space regarding the energy issue. We are fond of designing and coping with the construction details. The correct detail specifies the form perfection and makes the difference regarding the quality of the construction. We search for the detail, which will give character in each space. We come with great ideas for small spaces, we create functional spaces for small and big needs and parallel to this we adjust big ideas to small costs.