Our method

Our long experience and knowledge regarding real cost of construction help us to evaluate realistic alternate technical proposals, facing successfully qualitative construction details with different costs, having in mind the best technically option combined with our economic choice. We have the Know How regarding economic management of projects so that we come to the desired result also from the economic point of view. We have patience and work over the detail in all levels. We choose carefully our partners who complete the basic team and represent our ideas. We believe in inter-scientific cooperation and we choose to cooperate with our colleagues of all specialties that have the same targets with us. Also we choose trustworthy technicians, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, who know in depth their job and are able to respond to our demands with accuracy, consequence and economically in the name of the team work. Honesty, clear agreements, consequence of words and deeds, respect of the choices of our clients, immediateness, speed and decisiveness are our main characteristics. We do not content ourselves with our success stories, but we are targeting new successes.