Building of theatre space in Aigeira 2003-4

It is a theater space of the theatre workshop in Aigeira. It concerns the existing ground floor room in a building of 200 sq. m. The room was originally unformatted and there was the need to create the scene, seats for the public, dressing rooms, corridors, exit doors for the public and for the actors and room for regulation of sound and light of highest level. With a minimum of economic means a flexible solution became priority in order to combine the above needs with the future needs of the space. Technologically it is supported by light-, sound- and air conditioning systems. The materials are mainly metals for the constructions of the scene and the seats for the public, unprocessed wood for the floor and the covers of the seats and very few for dry construction on the walls. Dominant color is black. The general artificial light comes from lighting fixtures on the wall and the lighting during the performance from a system of headlights. It is a construction of very low cost, with a lot of personal work and technical guidance for completely unskilled personnel. Object of the study-Application study-Adaptation instructions for unskilled personnel, surveillance. Date of construction: 2003-2004